Doing our best for the planet …​

In an effort to reduce waste and create a more eco-friendly environment, we have introduced the following initiatives to go green and are continuing to think of new ways to improve this regularly.​

After moving to our new offices in Cambridge one of the first changes we made was replacing the light with LED panels.  Followed by installing extra insulation in readiness for the winter months.​

Any IT equipment is recycled when replaced by giving to local schools or charities rather than being sent to landfill.  When equipment is replaced, more energy efficient models are always chosen. ​

As much as possible, whilst still ensuring the safety of data and complying with financial and legal requirements, we are moving more and more towards working in a paperless environment.  All of our documents are now stored on cloud based technology and only printed if hard copies are required.​

Mugs and glasses are used in the office and on sites to stop the use of disposable cups.​

Most of the team that live locally cycle into the office 2-3 times a week rather than drive now and two of the team live in a village approximately 30 miles away and car share.  ​

Recycling bins continue to be placed around the office and on all of our sites.​

Together we can make the planet a better place.​